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Nan, Mixed Pakora, BBQ Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Onion Rings, Salad, Chips, Donner, Chilli Sauce, Pakora Sauce & Mayo Or Garlic Mayo

FOR ONLY £ 11.40

Chicken Tikka Main Meal

Nations favourite......... Our Chicken Tikkas are laid in a mix of Yoghurt, Lemon, Jeera's and other Taj's secret ingredients for full 24 hours then they are placed at flaming hot clay oven, resulting in a very tender, tasteful meat. Then it is served with fried rice, Curry sauce and a side salad!

FOR ONLY £ 9.90

Tandoori Chicken On The Bone

Chicken Marinated In A Sauce And Cooked In The Tandoor

FOR ONLY £ 10.90

Taj Set Dinners

Dinner For 1

FOR ONLY £ 14.50

Dinner For 2

FOR ONLY £ 24.90

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