About Us

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 Established in 1986 the Taj Tandoori is the longest running Indian Takeaway in Dumbarton.

Since Amar Ali took over the Taj in 2005 his vision was to introduce traditional home style Punjabi Cuisine and since then it has become synonymous in Dumbarton and surrounding areas.

Amar was born and bred in Dumbarton and comes from a family who have been in the Industry for over 40 years and follows on from his Grandfather & father in bringing a taste of the Punjab to Dumbarton.

The menu offered at the Taj was developed to ensure that customers really do get to experience a taste of the true Punjab in their own homes and has become a firm favourite amongst the locals.

The range of spices used in Punjabi Cuisine compares considerably with different regions of the Punjab along with different styles of slow cooking, generally known as “Dum Pukt”.

Punjabi cuisine is about the different fresh naturally grown spices and herbs as well as the unique cooking processes thus allowing dishes to range from very mild to very spicy – it is about flavour rather than spice.

Traditionally women in the family made the spices (Masala) themselves and then used a unique method of marinating and cooking, at the Taj we use this Masala and method of preparation so that we bring you a true taste of the Punjab.

The menu offered at the Taj consists of Poultry, Lamb, fish, Prawns & Vegetable(Sabzi) prepared and slow cooked to order and only the finest of ingredients sourced Locally are used and fused with herbs and whole spices from the Punjab.

The reputation of the Taj has been built on two basic principles: a genuine love for authentic Punjabi Cuisine and taking great care and pride in everything we do. Amar and his team of experienced chefs and fully trained staff strive to ensure they provide a fast & efficient service at a reasonable price, whether you are new to our food or just want to treat yourself to your favourite dish staff at the Taj will happily guide you through our menu to ensure your choice of food suits your taste and senses.  

The Taj has become the favourite amongst the local discerning customer because we maintain a strong ethic of quality and authenticity in our food, in fact several of our locals request specific dishes cooked to order by Amar himself.